Bojan Gagić, multimedia artist, +385 91 200 7435

sound and light design

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twelve dead birds
two seconds
happy place
future divercities
here, where we are no more
positive feedback of an acoustic signal
between silences
sounds in disappearance
on silence
from agora to syntagma
remix mangelos
circleing for flute and other stuff
6666 weeks later
azot after bogdanović
azot after wain
lighterature reading
route 666
richter’s view
remix mangelos



Bojan Gagić (born in Zagreb, 1969) began his artistic work in the late 1980s through performances and actions related to the activities of informal art groups Neue Urform (Sarajevo) and Kokowa, Rotor, and Clair Obscure (Zagreb). In the late 1990s, through the MAPA platform (Moving Academy for Performing Arts), he started working on various theater projects, participating in the production of plays, creating multimedia content, and designing light and sound. During this time, he also collaborated with Josip Zanki on a series of projects that focused on exploring attitudes towards death (Mirila, Enciklopedija mrtvih, Mrtvi ste?, Kako se mrtvom Beuysu objašnjava mast, Manulera).

He is the author of numerous exhibitions, installations, and performances in Croatia and abroad, primarily focusing on the art of sound. Gagić has published poetry in literary magazines and worked as a technical director for various theater, film, and music festivals. He has created several experimental videos, composed music for short experimental and animated films, mostly by Croatian authors, and designed light and sound for many theater performances.

Lately, together with Miodrag Gladović, he has been developing a special performance technique - luminoacoustics - which involves converting light into sound using the photovoltaic effect of solar panels. He is the cofounder of the Croatian platform for new sound expression called Sinelinea.

His work has received several awards, including the 3rd prize at the Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition, Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, USA (2012), the 2nd prize for multimedia content of the Croatian EXPO Pavilion (2012), the Audience Award at the T-Natječaj for Croatian Contemporary Art (2014), and a special mention from the jury at the Biennale di Venezia (for the light and sound design of architect Ana Dana Beroš' installation, 2015).

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