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remix mangelos

Remix Mangelos

sentence, message, formula, manifest

P R E F A C E :  B O J A N   G A G I Ć
Remix Mangelos is a sound-visual installation created through the form of concert before an audience. The work has been created as an hommage to the work of the art historian, curator and artist Dimitrij Basicevic Mangelos (Sid 1921 – Zagreb 1987). His works can be found in the collections of world museums such as Centre Georges Pompidou, MoMa and the Tate Modern. In Croatia, his work is still largely unknown.

In one of his artistic stages DB Mangelos used school globes which he covered with color and on them wrote certain sentences, messages, formula, manifests. This form of creation he called landscapes.

Bojan Gagic performed Remix Mangelos for the first time in 2002. in the Church of St. Dominic in Zadar as a part of the project Digging the Channel and in collaboration with the Boston based artistic group Mobius; soon after he performed it as a part of the off program of Mittelfest in Cividale and art residency in Lazareti. In 2004 the work was presented in the Museum of Contemporary Art as a part of the experimental program Pilot 04.

In the project the artist also uses school globes 40 cm in diagonal in matte black color. They don’t contain any text, they are Tabula Rasa by themselves. Above the globes on the gallery construction in the central part of the room there are spot lights which receive a dimmer signal through a multichannel light processor. The channels are divided in several different groups according to frequencies.

Switching on, off and the intensity of each spot light varies depending on the input sound signal which comes from the audio mixer and which is created in a live performance by the musicians. After a period of time, the heat from the spot lights above the globes begins to alter their structure so that they begin to melt. At the very end of the performance, globes remain as gallery objects of altered form. The alteration of form is the alteration of content.

Basically, the story is very simple:

our internal world
through sound
transformed into light
alters matter around us

The alteration of the globe structure is my sentence, message, formula, manifest.

first broadcasting:

Mobius Art Group
sound installation
St. Dominic Church, Zadar 
(part of project DIGGING THE CHANELL)
Claudia Nanni, Antonija Majača
Mobius Art Group

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