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2 Seconds

More Then Enough to Make Everything Wrong

P R E F A C E :   M A R G A R E T A   F E R E K   P E T R I Ć
"Two seconds" from the installation by multimedia artist Bojan Gagić, brought by MBZ in collaboration with the Ilica Q'art project, refers to the delay interval: The visitor sits in a chair indoors and looks outside, through the shop window, while listening in headphones external sound - but the sound behind the image is two seconds late. Gagić starts from the idea that our emotional experience of our own world is primarily sound, but it also refers to the difficult everyday life in which "we are late for the picture", ie "we are late for ourselves".

The work consists of one microphone on the street that reproduces the sounds of that same street indoors, with a shop window looking at that same street again. The difference is that the sound is two seconds behind the picture. People, cars, trams ... The asynchrony of image and sound is a possible template for perceiving the wrong reality. 

The visitor sits in a chair indoors and looks out through the shop window. He takes the headphones - the function of the headphones is twofold - canceling all other possible sounds in the room and listening only to what is passing through the microphone that is outside. The time shift in this case was performed through software (Usine Hollyhock), but it could be any other device that has delay properties. The work was to be performed at the Greta Gallery in the week when the first lockdown was announced as the start of a new (unrealized program) Last Monday, which was to take place every last Monday of the month, designed for Greta by Boris Greiner and Boris Cvjetičanin. 

In the background of the story is the neurophysiological functioning of the hearing aid in mammals, ie the perception of reality in which the sound stimulus is faster than others, which leads us to the fact that our emotional experience of our own world is primarily sound, ie ears save us (Daniel Levitin: This Is Your Brain On Music).

MBZ Installations: In the second of seven Chronicles of the 31st Music Biennale Zagreb, we present three Biennale installations, created by Bojan Gagić, Ana Horvat & Iva Ćurić, Vitar Drinković, as well as the Liquid Control project31.
organizacija / organized by Hrvatsko društvo skladatelja / Croatian Composers’ Society
autorice / authors Petra Pavić & Dina Puhovski
kamera / camera Ana Šerić
tonska snimateljica / sound recording Sunčica Ana Veldić
montaža / editing Karla Folnović
produkcija / produced by Studio Bite Art
animacija špice / opening credits animation Sara Salamon
oblikovanje zvuka špice / credits sound design Tin Dožić
vizualni identitet / visual identity Sven Sorić

Although there has been a lot of talk about music therapy for the last fifty years, it has generally yielded poor results, all the way to the discovery of mirror neurons, when the approach changed: scientists realized that when we hear sound at, say, 440 Hz but that only if we see the sound source at the same time does a partial restoration of synaptic connections occur. For example, in people who have had a stroke and one side of their body has been taken away, the sound of the violin itself does not change, but the presence at a concert in which someone in front of them plays the violin live restores the functions of the wrist and arm taken away. . For the same reason, for example, a project has been launched in Germany and Switzerland in the last few years to treat dementia in nursing homes, which gives excellent results, and consists only of a toddler who plays songs from his youth on acoustic patients. 

Gagić connects the targeted delay in his installation with the current situation, living conditions now and here: “We have started along and across everyday injustice, earthquakes, pandemics, poverty, stupidity, apathy, nonsense. We are late for ourselves and when it becomes everyday, the perception that something is wrong is lost. Emotional records became inaccurate. We're two seconds late for the picture. More than enough to make everything wrong. "

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